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What Is Spiritual Work?

Astrid Fitzgerald

All work is spiritual. Life itself is spiritual work. Whether we are aware of it or not, we are here in time and space to realize ourselves, to become what we truly are, and to serve as a medium in the evolution of consciousness. Even so it is better to be aware that we are indeed spiritual beings with a potential for evolution than to be merely at the mercy of chance or destiny.


Emerson and American Religion From the book Emerson and the Dream of America

Richard Geldard

Central to the idea of the Dream of America is the way in which our people relate to the religious experience – to God, or their idea of God. In this respect Emerson’s personal experience is not unique, although the impact and importance of that experience has been singularly crucial. The writer and critic Harold Bloom has gone so far as to say that Emerson is the father of the American religion.


Three Gurus Who Changed the Face of Spirituality in the West

Philip Goldberg

In researching the 200-year transmission of India's spiritual teachings to the West, I found that three gurus stood out for their immense impact on public awareness, and as it happens they all have birthdays around now: Paramahansa Yogananda on Jan. 5, and both Swami Vivekananda and Maharishi Mahesh Yogi on Jan. 12. People who are into astrology say it's significant that all three ...


Personal Values and Universal Caring

Mick Quinn

Humanity has come a long way in the 4,000 years that have elapsed since we first became aware of our individuality, of a distinct sense of self, and of a separate sense of self at the level of thought. In language, this evolution is referred to as ‘I’. The emergence of individuality also brought with it the amazing ability of ‘personal choice’.


One for All and All for One Once and for All

Mama Donna

Recently I was asked to speak about the shamanic point of view of team building with an emphasis on creating alliances and community.

From a shamanic point of view it is redundant to think of reaching out to build teams, alliances and communities, as we are already all connected. There is no us and them. There is only us.


The Allure of Narcissistic Spirituality

Alan Lurie

Several months ago, my wife and I attended a prayer service at a synagogue that is well known for its spiritual, and spirited, approach. As we entered, the rabbi was leading a meditation. "Close your eyes and breathe in the peace of Shabbat [the Sabbath]." she said. "And on the out-breathe imagine that you are sending healing love to all beings."


Get Outdoors

Kevin Southern

I have been a very active seeker of God my entire life.  As a child I ran hard after God by being heavily involved in my church and by learning as much as I could about the Bible.  While in my teens I picked up a guitar and joined a youth group’s worship band, and I sought God through music and prayer.


Letter From America: Give Me Multiculturalism

Ronnie Bray

There are moves afoot by certain parties to try to make a single culture out of all who live in Great Britain, Australia, the United States of America, and, possibly, many other places with significant immigrant populations. The opponents of multiculturalism insist that everyone within their national boundaries take up the same culture, customs, language, thought, and dress as the long-standing population.


Spiritual Eclecticism

Rev. Mikel Olsson

One of the spiritual realities that I have learned in my wanderings is that no one tradition has a monopoly on truth and that by remaining open-minded I am able discover truth wherever it may be. I cannot with any degree of honesty pin myself down to any of the established spiritual or religious categories. Although I love dogs, I can’t stand dogmas. So let me begin to answer a seemingly . . .


Spirituality and Healing

Amanda Barba

Since the dawn of mankind, medicine has been linked in some way or another to spirituality. In the past, people would visit witch doctors for medicinal herbs, bloodletting done by a priest, or diagnosing ailments based on someone’s spiritual status. So when all of these old images come to mind, it is no wonder that many people today cringe at the thought of modern medicine including some sort of spirituality in their. . .


Year after year

  on the monkey’s face

    a monkey face. 

Bruce Lambson

The haiku above was written by Basho and was sent to me to recently by a friend, so I thought . . .


One Father Many Children: Judaism and the Bahá'í Faith

Burl Barer

According to Jewish teaching, God has provided guidance to others besides Israel.   "The Father of all mankind has made Himself known to more than one single group of His children," affirms Jakob Petuchowski, Professor of Rabbinics and Jewish Theology at Hebrew Union College, "There is, therefore, no reason for assuming that truth is limited to Judaism.


The Arrows of Apologetics and Evangelism

Tim Stafford, MS MA

In an age where evangelism has become corporate and apologetics is a subject that many wonder about and some contemplate, there always seems to be a plethora of questions that are desiring answers in light of what a person believes about anything in the universe, and even beyond the universe, discussing God and an invisible world that may or may not exist. Humans posses . . .


Law and Love: The Balance of Wisdom

Luis Alberto Riveros

"It takes a second to forgive. Be able to forget what happened so deeply that, even if someone reminds you, you cannot remember. Have a balance of law and love, not just law on its own. I do have to be firm following the laws of God, but this is easy in an atmosphere of love.


Pausing For Peace

Lyla Yastion

We know in our hearts that peace in the world is the direct reflection of peace within ourselves. When inner peace radiates from a critical mass of people then outer peace spreads its harmonious vibrations around the globe. Confucius describes this expansion of peaceful energy as the key to a moral society.


Harmony in a World of Differences:  Interfaith Works

Vern Barnet

You are a Muslim male, born abroad. You chose American citizenship decades ago and have worked here with many religions for years. When Christian churches in the South were burned, you helped raise money to help rebuild them. You’ve volunteered for humanitarian relief missions around the world, including Bosnia, Iraq, and Afghanistan.


How To Write Small Stones

Fiona Robyn

I’m terrible at paying attention.

Sometimes, whole days go by in a blur. I look back and wonder where I’ve been and what I’ve been doing. What did I miss?


How Do I Forgive?

Daya Devi Doolin

If you have a burning hatred inside your heart and mind right now and desire to be free of this debilitating energy form, then take the next few minutes to sit quietly and take several deep breaths through the mouth.


The 14 Mindfulness Trainings of the Order of Interbeing

Contributed by The Blue Cliff Monastery

1. Openness

Aware of the suffering created by fanaticism and intolerance, I am determined not to be idolatrous about or bound to any doctrine, theory or ideology, even Buddhist ones. Buddhist teachings are guiding means to help me learn to look deeply and to develop my understanding and compassion.


Are You Losing Your Mind?

Ted Cibik

It can certainly feel that way sometimes with the pressures and commitments that accumulate daily and weekly in our goal and task oriented world. How does anyone keep a lid on the growing pressures associated with being productive and alert when it is so easy to get burned out and tired?


Prayer for Postmoderns: Part One

Sally Kempton

Let’s start with full disclosure: I pray for parking spaces. In fact, I pray for a lot of things. Some of my prayers could be called spiritually correct. I pray for deeper love; I pray for enlightenment; I pray for people in trouble. I pray for my actions to be of benefit to all and for an end to human suffering.


Being a Woman Matters

JaiKaur LeBlanc

We are living amazing and powerful transformations of the foundations of how life on our planet is ordered and all that lives is being affected and so requested. We have valued the intellect at the cost of the spiritual, the seen world at the cost of the unseen world and having learned the wisdom of ...


The Lenses of a Worldview – Part I: Shape

Tim Stafford

Too often our idea of a worldview can be so esoteric as to be relatively unusable in a practical sense, yet a worldview is foundational to the thinking of all people from every culture, creed, background and belief system.


Building Character and Our Future

Amanda Barba

It is all too common of an image that we conjure up when thoughts about the topic of philosophy fill our minds- old wise men discussing and debating over idealism, existentialism, and realism.


The Moon, The Monkpoet

All Things Apposite

Lawrence Willson

Lawrence Willson, PhD, is an ordained elder in the North Alabama Conference of the United Methodist Church. Academic training involved studies in philosophy, social ethics, systematic theology, world religions, and philosophy of science.